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Campaign Fundraiser

Tuesday, September 20th

Lakeside Cafe & Liquors | 6 to 8pm

Presented by

Mercer County Democratic Committee, Chairperson, Mayor Janice Mironov

Assemblyman Anthony Verrelli & Commissioner Kristin McLaughlin

Former Mayor Vanessa Sandom & Carl Seiden

Sponsored by

Assemblyman Dan Benson · Commissioner Nina Melker & Commissioner John Cimino

Join us for a fun night of food, drinks, and friends


$75 per person

$60 for Club or Committee


Baldpate ($2,500)

Sourland ($1,000)

Mount Rose ($500)

Rosedale ($250)





RSVP by purchasing a ticket online via ActBlue donation.

If you have issues or would like to purchase by check, email us at


Commissioner Nina Melker & Commissioner John Cimino


Decreased property tax rate in 2022, while

 ✔ Driving economic development

 ✔ Fostering community

 ✔ Protecting the environment

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